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Frequently asked questions about the Sanamama

How easy is it to use the Sanamama?
Very. The baby is placed into the Sanamama before you put it on your back. It is totally adjustable for a comfortable fit. Initially we strongly suggest having another adult to help put it on till you get the hang of it on your own. View a video showing a real mum using the Sanamama on our products page.

Is the Sanamama compact?
Yes, the Sanamama is constructed of lightweight materials and textiles and folds into a small bundle. Unlike other back-carriers, it does not contain any hard framework so you can literally have it with you anywhere and use it when the need arises.

Where can you use the Sanamama?
The Sanamama is ideal for use around the home and garden and for days out where pushchairs are not a viable option. Examples include walks in the park or country, trips to museums and other tourist attractions likely to be congested and the Sanamama is ideal for historic places of interest where pushchairs are often not permitted. We have road tested the Sanamama at all of these with great results. A happy and contented baby and relaxed parents = a great day out for everyone.

What ages is the Sanamama intended for?
Your child is ready to use the Sanamama when he or she can fully support his / her head unaided, usually at 4 months and with a minimum weight of 7kg (16lbs). The Sanamama is also great for toddlers and young children not exceeding 16 kg (33lbs) and will put an end to uncomfortable “piggy backs” when little legs get tired!

Is it safe for my baby to fall asleep in the Sanamama?
Perfectly. Babies seem to be rocked to sleep by the rhythm of your walking and are soothed and comforted by being close to you. They are kept upright so their face and air ways are not obstructed in any way. 

What about cleaning and care?
The Sanamama is durable and can be hand or machine washed using a gentle cycle, at 30 degrees Celsius using a mild detergent.

What does "Sanamama" mean?
Because of its strong African roots, we gave the carrier a name that is made up of two African words: “Sana”, meaning “baby” and “mama” meaning “mother, to reflect the bond and sense of unity this product gives mother and baby.

Does the Sanamama have a warranty?
We are fully confident in our product and are prepared to either repair it or replace it free of charge during the first twelve calendar months after purchase, should your carrier not meet our usual high standards. Proof of purchase will be necessary in all such instances and we will need you to return the Sanamama carrier to us directly so that we are able to make a reasonable decision as to whether the carrier will need to be repaired or replaced.


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