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It's totally comfortable and secure, even hands-free with a toddler weighing 15kg. It is amazingly comfortable for parent and child, feels very securely attached and is dead easy to put on even by yourself. The Sanamama is definitely coming with us to Tunisia but will also be used for long walks along the beach or rough terrain which makes using a pushchair awkward.


I love this carrier. It is so lightweight, and takes up hardly any room, you can just have it in your changebag. Its brilliant for children that are not quite old enough to hold on for a piggyback and it gives parents the added safety, without the worry that they are going to let go. It is a very reasonable price, compared to others on the market and it can be used until 3 years approx.
For anyone looking for the next stage from a baby sling, this is definitely worth a look.


Rosie is happy to use this and can’t wait to get in it. However, on the one occasion when she wanted to walk and tried really hard to wiggle out, there was no way she could. It is very secure. Thank you Sanamama you have made our life much easier and we cannot recommend this product enough!


I have been using the Sanamama Sling most days, it has been a great help on the school run when I am running late, as I don’t have to mess around sorting the buggy out I just pop Beanie Boy in the sling and fasten him to my back rather like a backpack. Beanie Boy seems very happy in it and I certainly felt comfortable. It is really easily adjustable to fit both the wearer and baby, the shoulder straps are padded for comfort and there is even a little pocket on the side which is great to put my car keys in.

I trialled the sanamama carrier on my 14 month old son. I am an active parent living in the city centre, and my son has been carried since birth. On the whole I found the Sanamama a very comfortable back carry. I have found it very difficult to find a carrier that I feel is comfortable for me and my son, but the inbuilt harness in the carrier ensured that he was in the correct position with minimal adjustments and time spent. The unique leg positioning of the sanamama also ensured his legs remained in a comfortable position tucked under my arms, and not dangling by my sides.
Ruth, Glasgow Sling Meet
I am an experienced sling user with both Sam and my other son and this sling is relatively easy to use - the part of getting the baby onto your back is easier with a bigger baby and takes some practice. Sam seemed comfy and eventually fell asleep in the sling while I was cooking dinner - being able to have 2 hands and rock a moaning baby at the same time was fantastic. I have been trying to find situations where I can use this sling. I would say it is excellent for keeping a baby "out of the way" whilst you are cooking, cleaning etc. It solves the supermarket problem that I have with most slings where I can't bend down to pick things up easily as Sam doesn't feel secure enough.
  Alice, mum to 6-month-old Sam    

As a mother and chiropractor I can highly recommend using the Sanamama as a safe and effective way of carrying your baby. The Sanamama is ergonomically designed to correctly support the baby's back and hips, thus encouraging correct spinal development from an early age. The Sanamama was designed with both the baby and parents back's in mind. As well as offering the baby spine and hip support, it offers the parents amazing versatility in the adjustable padded shoulder and waist straps. These draw the shoulders back and down and encourage the spine into its optimal position, allowing the parent to use their arms in a natural position. The Sanamama is a sound product that I would encourage every parent to use as a back friendly means of transporting your child.

  Hilary Eatwell, mother and chiropractor    

I'm absolutely delighted with my Sanamama - it has made a huge difference to my three month baby son, who has been suffering from acid reflux and colic since birth. My baby is much more comfortable when he is upright and resting his tummy on my back than when I carried him in a front facing carrier. He seems more contented and cries a lot less when he's resting on my back and drifts off to sleep easily. The benefit of the Sanamama is that your hands are free and you can get on with preparing meals and household chores safely without the baby getting in the way. I also find it easier to carry the weight of the baby on my back rather than in front and easier to bend down. My husband also loves using the Sanamama when he takes the baby and my two year old son to the park. I would highly recommend the Sanamama, especially for use when a baby is uncomfortable and screaming continuously.

Sophi Rutter
SANAMAMA is a fantastic sling. We got it when our son was 8 months old and it has made such a great change to the way we travel around the town. From simple errands to shopping and museums; everything became so much more accessible. No more terror of going up and down the stairs and escalators on the London Underground. Our baby Leo loves it - he often giggles when I do energetic walking. It is the first thing we pack when going on holiday. Definitely holding onto it for the next baby!  
  Patricia Williams    

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